Friday, February 5, 2010

The Value of Consideration

Yesterday, I gave a talk on Value Creation to an audience comprising technical and administrative staff. I shared with them how creating value can enhance their chance for prolonged employability. I also taught them the relevance of Personal Branding, a concept that is relatively new with most employees, especially those under-exposed to marketing and branding. Part of my PowerPoint slides came from my collaboration with the new strategic branding and design company, INGENS. It is imperative that we become innovative in the way we perform to our best, and be recognized and rewarded for our results.

We focused on two key questions: Who are you? What do you stand for?

One point I emphasised heavily was core values; how these can be translated into useful behaviors that will be noticed by others. I shared with them the Seth Godin’s concept of Purple Cows. After looking at meadows filled with grazing cows, it gets predictable and boring. Now, if you saw a purple cow you will pay generous attention! So, be a purple cow and stand out from the unexcited and unexciting masses and be noticed for your performance.

One of these values is consideration. Being considerate creates attention with your colleagues and managers. Your actions that reflect consideration paint your character differently. You become prominent because of your actions, for they can speak louder than words.

February 4 is World Cancer Day—a global day of awareness created by the International Union Against Cancer. With cancer set to become the #1 killer in the world this year, hopefully, today draws people together to highlight the growing personal and economic impact of the disease. On this day it’s critical that each organization - and each individual - shares responsibility for sending a powerful message about cancer prevention.

Studies have indicated that encouragement from someone close to you - your mom, your best friend, your co-worker in the next office - can have a decisive impact on your decision to take important actions for your health. Having had a few friends survive cancer, I have an affinity for this cause. Support these survivors. Support the gift of life! Consider it.

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