Friday, August 14, 2020

Trading Up (From 2010-2020) In A COVID-19 World

I wrote this essay 'Trading Up' in 2010, and will revise it during these harsh and harrowing times. Let us review it and see if the principles of 'trading upwards' is still relevant. In fact, think of 'bartering' - exchanges of goods for services, or services-for-services. How do we have a mindset of maximising our efforts? How can we turn our Efforts-Into-Results? I also attach an attractive and alluring infographic by to explain the story better.

I would like to hear your thoughts and approaches to this matter.

In his book, One Red Paper Clip, Kyle MacDonald actually traded up a single piece of stationary into a dream house within one year! He took 14 trades, integrated through active and passive networking, and achieved his amazing results. This was the challenge he posed himself, and his inspirational story may trigger off your own ideas. By the way, did you attempt the challenges I posed you recently?

A few days ago, I proposed doing something with 80 pairs of spectacle frames. What can we do with them? Shall we:

1) Trade them up for something of higher perceived value?

2) Sell them to get some startup capital?

3) Combine them with a lens sponsor and an ophthalmologist to equip 80 children and adults with better vision

4) Start a blog called ’80 Pairs of Vision’ and trade up like Kyle did in One Red Paper Clip? [I gave these spectacles to McDonalds in Thailand, and these were given to the disadvantaged in the rural areas.]

Come on. Participate. Let’s make some changes. Change can be very good. I will be collecting the frames soon.

Update: I had quite a few suggestions on what to do with these spectacle frames since then. Keep the ideas flowing. Remember, this project is for charity.