Sunday, February 28, 2010

Last Ride Before The Big Show

This morning, I rode 75km with a few friends from the Triathlon Family Singapore. My purpose was to get my legs going, after an unexpected break from a road accident. I have not swam a stroke as I was advised by my sports-doctor, Ben Tan to not risk infection of my sinus (I have a fractured cheek bone) if I inhale water. This is one of several relative contraindications I am mindful of. I will, thus park myself from aggressive and enthusiastic swimmers who may pose a kick-in-my-face threat.

My old Orbea Vitesse was fitted with a Profile Design CX3 handlebar with aero-bars. My bike now looks ivory white, save for some dark tattoos that are part of its original identity. The last time I used this bike was in Ironman Korea in 2006. That race saw the swim cancelled at the last moment because of rain, strong winds and choppy waters.

I have noticed that my bike performs slower on the flat roads; it is utterly brilliant when taking the step slopes. This is due to my integration of a compact crank, which I never really used since I had it installed. I can live with this compromise of speed for ease of ascending slopes. I just need to spin like crazy. I trust my few years of high-cadence cycling will back me up when I need the speed.

Yesterday was Ironman Malaysia; it was a helpless and hopeless day to race due to the significant heat and humidity. Six days from now, Taupo will host Ironman New Zealand for more than two decades. I am excited to return, and enjoy a full race after fluke weather modified the Ironman triathlon into a biathlon. Once more, Ironman emcee Mike Rilley returns and I hope that he announces my name when I cross the line – hopefully, with daylight to spare.

I would cherish and lavish in his words: ‘Enrico Varella from Singapore – You’re an Ironman!’ Fingers crossed (Note to self: Stay away from packs of runners entering the finish chute).


BFG said...

All the best in IM Taupo!

Enrico Varella said...

Thank you, BFG!

Matty Wong said...

All the best in Taupo, i am sure Mike Riley will announce your name in daylight.

Looking forward to reading your updates.