Monday, March 29, 2010

Do Good & Feel ‘Gooder’

What makes you happy? When are you most happy? What do you get happy about?

Happiness matters a lot to most people. Personal and tribal credos have included ‘the pursuit of happiness’. Will Smith starred in a film called ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’. Happiness is one of the most heavily Googled words everyday.

The Happiness Institute featured an interesting essay about research on happiness, its effects, and how we can actively attain it.

Do you do random acts of kindness? How do you respond when somebody’s helps you, or offers you help? Can you really feel good without resorting to medication?

I have studied people who exercise, and observed how they respond to physical activity. In general, most of the euphoria they experience comes after the event, where the most positive social interactions happen. Perhaps, it is a sense of relief mired with a sense of accomplishment and achievement. Just last night, my pleasant night run led to healthy conversations that included meeting new runners, and the sharing of stories. The experienced runners provided suggestions and advice to the first-timers and neophytes about how to approach their first marathon.

Athletes also derive a sense of happiness when they help raise funds through sports. In recent years, there is a significant and strong tie-up of non-profit organisations with sporting events.

Personally, I am happy that our Lagoon Leader, Matthew is recovering well from jellyfish stings. It is the season for these bubbly and invisible creatures that I hear has caused physical irritation with commercial and recreational divers. Matty ensured we were all accounted for, before he bid us farewell for his treatment. Now, that's a leader! He enjoys helping others, and his ironclad sense of consideration earns him respectful and appreciative company.

Public Education Announcement: Cyclists, be safe on the road. We share the road with motorists and pedestrians. May we honour our fallen. Ben Mok - May you rest in peace. We will carry out your work!

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