Sunday, February 7, 2010

An Eventful Long Ride

It has been an eventful day for. A 230km ride from the east Coast to Woodlands to Desaru. True to our reliable gathered intelligence it was dreadfully hot, and challenged the fittest among us.

For more about today's daring challenge on Desaru's hot and hilly geography, read Matthew's post.

It was an unusually long ride for me, as I rarely ventured past the 180-190km range for my long run. Today was, indeed, a personal best (PB) distance for me. Clifford (the founder of the TriFast blog) noted that I keep getting PBs - I adore them, as I can measure my progress scientifically.

Unfortunately, I was hit by a taxi on my way home today. I was drafting my friend Mervyn, about a few metres behind. Something hit me, and I must have gone done for the count. It took me eight minutes to be revived by paramedics from the Changi General Hospital. Rest assured, I am somewhat battered physically, with a bruised ego and a sore bum.

The staff was nice, and both doctor and nurses gave me assurances. With multiple abrasions, a black eye, a fractured cheek bone, and no recollection of the crash, I am no more a pretty face. I thank Mervyn for being a witness, and Roger for collecting the remnants of my mutilated bike. I am sad that this bike, that has followed me for about six Ironman races internationally, has been laid to rest. Being full carbon, my late-bike cannot be repaired.

I am thankful and grateful to all my well wishes, especially those who wrote with me today. You are, indeed, my Triathlon Family! I will be off to meet the investigation officer tomorrow.

Photograph: Thank you, Nigel Chua/Matthew Wong! You guys were so generous of your time, and considerate of the riding team today.


Matty Wong said...

Must have been a very long 8 mins esp to Meryn watching from the side.

Can i offer you my Transition if you cannot asemble a new ride in time for Taupo?

BFG said...

Sorry to learn about your accident. Hope you recover speedily from your injury! Take care.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are ok and recover soon to get back to racing.
wee ching

Lim Leong, Reeves said...

Get well soon. 25 more days to go before Taupo. You have my 404s.

Enrico Varella said...

Thank YOU, well wishes. I love our Tribe of readers. I really do.

The phone calls have come in, fast and furious. Triathlon Family Singapore has been buzzing with concern - no real drama, mates. Already I received two invitations of bikes and bike wheels for my race in Taupo, NZ in March. Fingers crossed.

Thank you, Matty, Reeves, BFG and Wee Ching for your comments.

Mostly, THANK YOU Mervyn for sticking with me for those arduous minutes as I laid unconscious.

dougo said...

hey magic-man, sorry to hear about the accident. please take care, and glad you are doing better. cheers to a complete and magical healing.