Monday, February 23, 2015

Do You Have The Legs For It?

This morning, these legs (owned by riders with the moniker of 'Alpha-Male', 'Chopper' & 'Machine') completed 105km worth of headwinds and tailwinds, smooth ascents, and pulled along the occasional lone draftee. We averaged about 31kph (km/h), three loops of Selarang/Coastal Road. It was a good hit out before the two head out for their half-Iron distance in a fortnight. Best part, all the work was accomplished with water only, and no sports-gels. Keep your heart-rate low, and get to the chopper! My 'work' is done. *After-thought: Stick to the plan!' And, you will achieve much more.* Good job, Go-Bros!
The fine performance was a result of weeks of consistent weekend rides, plus a few more weekday sessions riding, cycling or strength-conditioning. All the hard work adds up, gradually. Sure, we experience easy days, as we did harder days. The workouts led to adaptation, and stronger muscles and enhanced fitness. Sometimes, less was more. It is about training + recovery = fitness. The legs for cycling is a summation of regular training sessions, adequate rest and recovery. It also meant knowing when to tax the legs, i.e. pacing and intensity.
Leadership Lessons: Do you have the legs to back up your bicycle? After all, it is not about the bike, but your engine. How often do you back up your talk? Do you have the 'chops' (competencies) to stand by your claims? Do yo perform consistently well to assure your managers, colleagues and customers? When do you provide a 'leg up'?