Tuesday, December 27, 2016


 Qualifying for the Ironman 70.3 World Championships 2017 (In Cebu, The Philippines).
Completing Boston Marathon (2016) for the second time.
Lots of clichés abound, such as: Another year older, another year wiser! I don’t know about that, however these are what I have Iearnt about aging up.

1)   I am in another age group for triathlons and marathons (50-54 years). I am in the younger side of the spectrum, so I have a psychological edge. My performance in 2016 have ascertained that I can achieve much more, when I commit deeper to a cause or challenge.
2)   I have earned another batch of tacit experience and wisdom to accompany me for the next few years. It is fascinating to note how my opinions have changed, and how these have influenced my lifestyle changes.
3)   I thought I’d be more patient as I grow older, however I find that I am – with new staff and newbies – but no so much with staff I expect to have the experience. I am impatient and annoyed with mediocrity when most of us have so much more to offer and promote.
4)   I prefer people who are ambitious about challenges, and take these on with less complaints and gripes. I have also become more competitive in sports and my profession, aiming for more ambitious projects and goals.
5)   I continue to set goals for myself, and I encourage those who write resolutions for 2017, to do likewise. Goals are more purposeful than ‘wishful’ thinking. Thus, I continue to update my Bucket List.
6)   A major motivator for me is developing personal mastery: be it my profession, passions and pastimes. How do I get better? How can I develop further my expertise in my field? How do I continue to build credibility? These questions occupy my psyche constantly.
7)   I enjoy traveling and visiting places and meeting people. I deliberately coincide with my vacation with my athletic and hobby pursuits.
8)   I feel a strong need to reconnect with my friends, family and places. I am likely to spend the next decade visiting friends abroad – just to hang out, drink coffee and engage in conversation.
9)   I sense a need to align my mental, physical and spiritual dimensions. I feel that I have a ‘Renaissance Man’ waiting to emerge from a cocoon of distractions.
10) I am driven by my appreciation for laughter, humour, and the lighter side of things. My perspectives do shift, and reduce judgement.
Meeting my favourite actor, Keifer Sutherland from TV series '24' after Boston Marathon.
So far, it has been very good! Correction: It has been better despite a rougher year in my business. However, these challenges have served to make me tougher and stronger.

I remain optimistic and look forward to a brand new year of grand possibilities, new collaborations and wisdom.

I wish you a brilliant year ahead, and may you be nearer to your potential!

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