Sunday, July 1, 2018


We do know that, at times, we may need to knuckle up and get down and dirty, even feel the hurt (GRIT) - to achieve our goals (GRIN). The suffering we face, is part of the pre-nuptial agreement we committed to, in order to enjoy the richness of fulfilment and a fulfilling life. 
As with life, so as it is in triathlons and endurance sports, the gradual overtaking in a race, mired with the gradual attrition of the body creates a mental and physiological dissonance, much desired by performance-chasers. To earn that personal best (PB/PR) timing, or even to complete a long and/or arduous race, demands that we 'dig deeper'. To yearn and earn a sense of achievement, we will need to engage a sense of adventure and occasion. Surely, the Hurt Locker is a place we rarely want to dwell for too long, yet it is where 'moments are defined', and we get to 'define ourselves'.
Training is a hard matter. Racing can be menacingly, and even brutal when we choose to define ourselves, and seek personal glory and self-gratification. We get to GRIN and enjoy the reflection. Yet, in those many moments of self-imposed suffering (GRIT), we may glean parts of our character, add to it, amplify it, and decide to reduce it.
For the years of military training that I was immersed in (including the following years in the reserves), I am grateful to find pieces of me that identified my talent and capabilities. I am grateful for these opportunities, I am also deeply thankful I was able to recognise these, together with my colleagues. I wear my uniform and badges of honour inside my heart - with pride, appreciation and mindfulness.