Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Long Ride

Tomorrow morning at about 4.30am, I will set off with a group of riders into Malaysia to do a challenging ride.

Orchestrated and initiated by our leader, Clifford Lee (of the popular TriFast blog) we will ride a grueling 180km into relatively unchartered riders' territory. Over the past week, we have enjoyed intensive information relating to the distance, route, terrain and weather. Some of the 22 committed riders are feeling anxious; some are excited; others are playing it cool. It is akin to the day before an Ironman triathlon.

It will be a memorable day I'm sure, as this is a tune-up for some of us doing Ironman Malaysia at end-February. A 180-kilometre ride is a good rehearsal before the race, and this has the elements of an Indiana Jones adventure: frying-pan heat, suffocating humidity, and gasping hills. This is also a welcome respite as there is a long stretch of vacation coming up, with lots of feasting involved. This is like punishment before the pleasure. We will celebrate in style tomorrow, after the ride, as we have decided on our menu (that reads like a glutton's festival). My take is: 'Melts in you mouth, goes to your heart!' In a good way, of course. We would have deserved it after ploughing through the long distance and rolling roads.

Resting up today - okay, maybe some swim drills, bike check and my nutrition package ready for tomorrow. More on this ride tomorrow. Happy weekend to all!

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Matty Wong said...

Thanks for taking the lead in the draft pack today! Save alot of people.

Speedy recovery.