Sunday, February 14, 2010

A Challenging Ironman Proposition

It has been a whole week since I was involved in an unfortunate bike crash. Most of my wounds are nearly healed, except for my right shoulder’s bike rash and the right pinky. Bending my fingers hurt and I will need to get some sense of flexibility and mobility in both sets of joints before I can resume some tapering work prior to my triathlon on 6 March, in Taupo, New Zealand.

Here are some factors I have to fully consider before I can seriously consider racing in Taupo:

1) My first attempt at Taupo in 2006 saw a cancelled swim (due to metre-high waves and white water) and 90-100kph winds whip through the locality. We completed a 90km ride and half-marathon.

2) I need a bike to ride. Building a bike from ground up will take time, and expense, and time to refit my riding geometry.

3) Consider using my existing road bike (which I used originally in Taupo), and strap on some clip-on aero-bars; two more waterbottle cages; and purchase/borrow a pair of ZIPPS 404s wheels and Continental Competition tyres.

4) Review my race strategy, expectations and goals. I will need to be open-minded to any possibilities.

5) Rethink my tapering strategy. How will I start training till near race day? How soon can I start working out? According to the A&E doctor, I can begin training once my sinus clears itself of its pooled blood.

6) My skin is still not ready for the water, so I will miss many water sessions. Nevertheless, once I can hit the pool/sea, I will do as many short sessions to build up my fitness in my upper body.

7) My flexibility is compromised, in my right shoulder and fingers. Either I modify my stroke or focus on gliding and finishing the swim leg.

8) This will be my last Ironman race (ninth in four years) until early next year. I will focus the rest of this year on qualifying for the Boston Marathon (2011).

9) Last of which, should I do this race or not? I keep hearing ‘There’s always another race!’

As such, it will be an interesting week ahead for me. Stay tuned.

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Matty Wong said...

In my short linkage with you, i bet you have made up your mind and you know there will be alot of support for your decision too.

I believe there are solutions present for s/no 1 to 8. But No 9 is the crux.

1. You race because of your commitment to the donors or sponsors of the cystic fibrosis donation programe.

2. You pass this race because of longer term objectives, wounds need to heal superfically as well as internally.

Should the donors and sponsors understand the situation, i believe the donation is already made regardless of you racing or not.

Yes, there are many more races. While i also believe in not dying or making any races my last, i think keeping the faith in ourselves and of those in need can be of higher calling.

Speedy recovery.