Saturday, November 7, 2009

9 Wild and Whacky Races to Consider

I have observed the increased racing activity on almost every weekend. New events like the SAFRA Quadthlon, which integrates a rollerblading leg within a triathlon, have increased the difficulty level; especially if you do not do too well standing on a razor’s edge. Other races like the Sundown Marathon occurs in the evening and runs (literally) through the night, and even late morning (if you punish yourself by not training for the 84km ultra-marathon, which suggests a death-wish on your part).

Here are some propositions; hopefully, we can find brave and innovative sponsors to realize these events and articulate their importance to the endurance sporting community.

1. The Unreal Run (occurs on tar, mud, water, pebbles, sand, grass, escalators, stairs, back-lanes, forests, and slopes)

2. The Umbrella Run (same as Unreal Run except you carry an open umbrella)

3. The Snorkeling Race (swim with a snorkel in a reservoir or sea)

4. Real Man’s Run (all-men, chauvinistic race – we’ll show them for having a Woman’s Run!)

5. Penthlon (like the Quadthlon and we add another near-impossible phase, like 3-ball juggling, sushi-rolling or beer-drinking)

6. Panty-thlon (run in your undies and T-shirt, just like the Underwear Run in Kona, Hawaii)

7. Mad Hatters (inspired by the on-going run Hash House Harriers for decades, except this time we race and wear tall-hats)

8. Triathlon Family Beer Run (an actual race that will be carried out – details on the Triathlon Family Forum page)

9. Parathon (dressed in runner’s kit and we pub crawl over 42km by foot, over a dozen pubs – winners buy coffee and toast)

I have run with the Singapore Hash House Harriers in 1990. The quenching of thirsts after the fun run, as parched throats are sloughed off with Tiger Beer was memorable, as was the company. But, that's another story!

Nota bene [note well]: This piece was done, tongue in cheek, while writing my 50,000-word novel.


Matty Wong said...

May i suggest a change in race attire, a tad too boring with compression and spandexes.

A full officewear (lappy, tie, leather shoes) 16km run. Aid stations can be Mac value meals, Boon Tong Kee Chic Rice or equivalent.

Employeer vs employee. Whoever win get a choice to switch roles for a month, how's that

Enrico Varella said...

Hi, Matty. I like your suggestions. We do not have to be too serious about sports all the time. I'm sure that there may be a captive audience for such innovative approaches. I like the status-swapping idea between employer and employee.