Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrate Life

There is a lot in our lives we can be thankful for. There is much we can give thanks and praise to. Appreciation is about knowing what we already have.

Celebrations are events that engage our emotions, usually happy and positive experiences. They are best served with other people. Celebration is the sharing of things, emotions and experiences.

Celebrate your friends: My close friend, Catherine M. has made full remission from cancer. I am so grateful and happy that she has fully recovered; I get to spend more time with her in the future. I intend to make a trip to the south of France to enjoy a few bottles of wine with her next year.

Celebrate the birth of a new one. Remember the cake and red-coloured eggs that your colleagues brought to the office. How about a wedding? It is a time of celebration of one couple and their close friends. Be happy for them. Stop griping and whining about having to give a gift, or a red packet. Go only if you want to.

Celebrate your achievements. These are part of your Personal Branding 2.0. What have you done that you were proud of recently? Which awards have you earned? What was your last physical achievement? Celebrate your successful weight loss, increased strength, or lower heart rate. Celebrate your successful driving test, and valid licence. Celebrate learning how to inline skate. Celebrate having completed a marathon (it didn’t matter if you walked part of the way – you completed it). Share your first cake you baked, so that you may celebrate the taste of accomplishment. When my triathlon buddy, Roger and his wife Jennifer baked their first few sponge cakes they had us do a taste test. It was splendid for a first attempt; I look forward to their subsequent baking creations.

Celebrate your health, family and home.

When was the last time you celebrated with somebody, or yourself? Enjoy life.

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