Monday, November 9, 2009

Personal Branding: How Do You Project Your Leadership Self?

Branding 2.0 is about using strategic marketing to promote yourself, your causes and your leadership style and orientation.

Go beyond the 4 P’s of Philip Kotler: Price, Positioning, Place and Product. Some include divine Providence (i.e. pray!). Instead, also consider your leadership Personality, Positioning, Presence and Purple Cow (Seth Godin). Branding consultant, Reeves addresses the notion of Purple Cows on his blog.

When you build you personal branding as a leader, you enhance what my research has revealed years ago: Commitment, Clarity and Confidence. Do you need these qualities with your leader?

How do you stand out from the rest? What are your signature pieces? What are you best known for?

Here are some questions that may address some of your questions:

What do you do to add value?

How do you stand out from the others?

What makes you outstanding?

What do you stand for?

What is your reputation?

Which is your mastery?

What effect do you have on people?

How do you create confidence when around people?

I will discuss with you some interesting interventions that will have you enhance your personal branding to the next level.

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