Wednesday, June 1, 2011

His Name Is Earl: Making Good on Your Word

In the popular television series, My Name is Earl the reformed protagonist focuses on ticking off his karma list. His list, formed after a near-fatal accident, was born of having disappointed or bullied people in his life form his past and present. Only when he has satisfactorily achieved his goal of righting his wrong, does he then scratch the goal off his list. Eliminate then erase.

Do you have a karma list? Are there things in your life you would like to enhance or improve on? Is there a relationship that you thought long and hard about renewing? Have you gotten things off your chest lest you develop regret later?

In business, we may have disappointed our customers and clients. How do you make amends? Before it escalates into something beyond our control, how can you provide service recovery? Small gestures of kindness and generosity can make a difference, however small. Give without consideration for receiving. Appreciate what it feels like to give instead of taking. Not everything that we do has to be conditional, or have a catch.

Go out of your way to delight a friend. Create surprises. Help a person feel good about themselves. Catch your staff doing right. Praise. Give recognition. Offer useful feedback. Make a recommendation. Project good and positive energies into the universe. What goes around, might come around.

Leadership Lessons: What will you do better tomorrow? What will you seek to correct in your relationships? Which practices will you shift from worst to good? Which have you identified as your best practices in your company?

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