Monday, June 6, 2011

Methodical Monday

Sunday’s intended morning ride was a total washout, as it rained. Parts of the island flooded and caused massive inconvenience. The canals could not cope with the sudden burst of water and it overflowed. I welcomed the rain as my excuse to sleep in, as I had to fly to India to conduct a four-day leadership workshop. After four short, hard running sessions this week my legs enjoyed the rest and recuperation.

Congratulations Teo Hui Koon for completing Challenge Cairns 2011. He did it in a commendable time, considering it was a hard ride. 2-time Ironman World Champion, Macca won. Rebeccah Keats won in the female category.

I chalked in a few new runs, since I will be giving up my slot for Ironman Canada. The timing is not suitable and the costs are punitive. This will allow me to participate in smaller races, and allow me to focus on my swim and riding speed. My first open-water swim is this Saturday and I look forward to reviewing my technical skills. I then do a 10K race which includes some hilly terrain on Sunday. I hope that this race measures my readiness for a second BQ at the Gold Coast Marathon on 3 July.

Requests have been coming in to help runners run properly after injury. My physiotherapist friend asked that I speak to his patient who is recovering from injury; mainly, it is helping his patient run more naturally, than on his heels. It takes time to learn, and our body is highly intelligent. Just make sure it learns the right things. Proper techniques have their relevance.

Leadership Lessons: Stay true to your course. Be disciplined. Test your mettle. Be meticulous and methodical.

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