Thursday, June 30, 2011

10 Ways To Get Attention & Action For Your Cause

Do you have a cause that you strongly believe in? What have you done to promote it to a wider audience? With a plethora of Social Media tools readily available, what have you done to harness the power of positive word of mouth marketing, also known as tribes and trending? Have you considered having your communities to sneeze for you?

1)    Ask for help, and you may get it. Seek and ye may find.
2)    Go face-to-face: Have a chat with your colleagues, clients and collaborators about your cause, and why it is important to you.
3)    Text a message: subtle but effective when you have down-time (free time). Turn down-time into up-time! Promote your cause while standing in the train or rain.
4)    Do something in return. As long as you implement your initiative, you have led in the process. Be reciprocal. Attempt to climb a mountain, run a marathon, complete a triathlon, or set a national record – do something in return for the support you receive.
5)    Tweet about it. Small and frequent messaging adds up and increases your odds for success. Tweet before the rooster crows.
6)    Send sensible messages about it on Facebook and LinkedIn. Attach a link, so your readers can actively click on it. Remember: call for action. Just do it.
7)    Create a call for action. What do want your readers to do? Arrive in person to volunteer? Send a check? Make a donation on PayPal? Spread the word via their personal or professional networks?
8)    Write your own letter of appeal. Make it personal. Provide comprehensive answers: what, why, when, which, where, who and how. Your letter is your voice, your personal message, and your meaning.
9)    Seek collaborators. Great minds think alike. Liking leads to persuasion. The more diverse the better. Differences can complement the creative output.
10) Enjoy the results. Every response is a victory. Think long term as the benefits return. Every good turn deserves another!

These principles also apply to a new business, product launch, or a seminar you are promoting. Results count!

If you have used but useable running shoes do me a massive favour – clean them up and drop by the race-kit collection site for the Marina21K Run. Help build a sustainable sports community! Thanks to Village Focus International, we can promote running and healthy feet as a global initiative.


Kevin Siah said...

All the best for Gold Coast marathon, Enrico! Go fo it, mate! Will be looking forward to your race report.

Enrico Varella said...

Thanks, mate! I will do my best to stick to the 3:15 pacer, and hold out for as long as my fitness will last! Sticking to my same plan as Hong Kong.

I hear that there are tough bridges...true?

Any buddies from Malaysia coming by?

Kevin Siah said...

Haven't done the course myself but I think it's pretty flat. Yes, a big group from Malaysia going, Air Asia had a promotion package.

sabina moon said...
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