Monday, June 13, 2011

Back To Basics

I recall one album of Christina Aguilera called ‘Back to Basics’. It reminded me of the need to, occasionally, review the fundamentals in our personal and professional lives.

At yesterday’s swim clinic at Sentosa island with triathlon professional/coach, Pete Jacobs, I learnt about specific strategies for entering the water (dry start), mass start (in water/wet start), drafting effectively, sighting, going around buoys, and exiting from the water. Basics like gliding, keeping head and hips down, and breathing were constant reminders. Proper form equates to extra speed and efficiency. One participant included a 9:42 Busselton Ironman finisher who missed his Kona slot by one placing! Even elite age-groupers learn from the best.

I placed 13th out of 210 veteran runners at yesterday’s Mizuno Mount Faber Run. I missed the top-10 prizes, but was reasonably happy with my efforts (46:26) over a rolling course. This was my last race after Ironman Lanzarote, and I did my longest run then. Yesterday’s run was tough enough and very humid, and the field was competitive. I am proud to be among fast company, many who are intimately familiar with the route and hill.

There are a few run slots available for Pete’s run clinic this evening for 6.15-7.15pm. Do decide early if you are clear about returning to the basics.

Another week of treadmill drills, as I will depart tomorrow for an overseas assignment again. For me back to basics means core strength development, proper technique and being disciplined. A few more Yasso 800’s to keep my legs active and alert. Got to start planning specifically for the cooler run in Gold Coast. Beginning 2013, Boston Qualifiers (times) will be five minutes less, and the extra 59 seconds do not count. The application for the Boston Marathon will be in three-tiers: better than 20 minutes, better than 10 minutes, and those who fall within. Fastest times take priority: thus, my reason to attempt a second BQ in three weeks’ time.

Have a good week, everyone!

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