Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Year of the Rabbit, or Deer…

I just earned a ranking for running club, MR25; my 5K time trial result on Sunday earned me the title of ‘deer’. When I do it with 23 seconds less, it will put me with the pack of greyhounds. A run in the 20-minute range will put me as a rabid dog, no, horse! To fulfill the 19-minute range, I will be knighted as a hare, and that will be auspicious in this rabbit year.

My planned easy 21K run was jettisoned yesterday, in favour of a faster 11K run. I applied myself in the hour I had for training, so dedicated my higher-cadence strides to a potential training PB. With a minute-wait at the traffic-lights, I managed to sprint in about 51:20 into a light drizzle – I was quite pleased I still had some after-burners after Sunday’s time trial. At my last two kilometres, I saw Ivan and Danny on the opposite lane, bringing it home; I acknowledged them. I have two more 21K runs to do before next Sunday’s marathon in Hong Kong. It is part of my integrated Aviva 70.3 preparation.

I decided to stay at a location nearest to the start-point, without worrying too much about getting there for the 6.20am flag-off. My students from Hong Kong, who ran the race before, advised me. I trust local runners. After the run, cool-down and muck around, I will grab lunch with my missus and then head for the airport, since I have to be in Shanghai that same evening. I hope I will have the strength in my legs and not hobble too much in class.

Photo-credit: MR25 website

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