Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Idiot’s Guide to Spreading Influence

Years ago, I joked with multiple-Ironman finisher, Walter Strach, III that ‘I was influenced by idiots’ to do triathlons. At that time, I was not aware of the impact that it would have on me, and others. We laughed about it, but little were we to know the enormous impact that these hardcore triathletes would have on us. Six years on, we have completed almost 20 Ironman races between us. I also allowed myself to be influenced to do the Hong Kong Marathon next Sunday.

Today at class, I reconnected with an executive who is a half-marathoner and asked about his progress. Another of his colleague enquired about heart-rate monitors (HRM) and HR zones. Another, an American bought a pair of Vibrams Five Fingers when he was in Chicago for vacation. I was surprised at how inexpensive these shoes were there. Given time, we can assert our influence in mysterious ways. Leaders who walk their talk, and talk their way through to others, may be laying the road to possibilities and choices.
This evening, I ran 21K at about a 5-minute pace in my new runners: The Newton Gravity shoe (size 13), which is a neutral performance trainer. I decided to take it easy after the 11K hard run two nights ago. I bumped into Crazy2Tri runners, Ivan and Michael, who were kind enough to encourage me on. My nutrition was water from the public tap, and two packs of High5 energy gels. I limped slightly home, and was pleased I had no blisters or chaffing of my feet.

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