Saturday, February 26, 2011

Creating Atmosphere Within An Atmosphere

In the property or real estate business, 'location, location, location' is everything. The tenants of a retail outlet in a mall deliberately pay high rental so as to secure a unit that attracts the most shopper traffic. Being at the right place and right time sounds like luck, yet the climate at work can have significant impact on staff, vendors and customers.

In managing and leading people, the atmosphere that you create at the workplace can influence how people perceive you as a leader. The atmosphere comprises the air that you stir around you. Do you suffocate people, or refresh them with your presence? Do people behave with coolness and composure? Do you breath down their necks constantly? What do your people weigh in terms of options and opportunities?

Celebrations allow people to divide attention and share in emotional expressions. These occasions and events promote a sense of goodwill that boosts moral and appreciation for one another. Staff’s mood undergo variation from moment to moment, and negative attitudes and inappropriate behaviors can affect how achieve results and affect others. The energy of celebrating can be sustained for long periods, as long as the sense of celebration is transferred from person to person, from day to day. The pride of achievement and accomplishment is enhanced when people feel recognized occasionally.

What kind of atmosphere do you create at work? How do you build deeper and meaningful professional relationships? What is the type of energy that you bring to your colleagues?
It is day six after the Hong Kong Marathon, and the residual soreness is almost diminished. The active recovery on day four (pool running and mild swimming) and five (barefoot running and circuit training) are taking effect. This week, I had less than six hours sleep each night because of a heavy teaching schedule: this has reduced my full recuperation and recovery. I look forward to tomorrow’s 90K ride, so I can flush leftover toxins out of my muscles. It is about three weeks to the 70.3 Singapore race, and a slot at the World Championships in Las Vegas in September is my potential goal.

Big Shout Out: All the best to photographer/designer Richard’s attempt at the Tokyo Marathon tomorrow!

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