Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Looking Forward to Pay It Forward

When I was younger, my only act of charity was to put 10 or 20 cents into the weekend money cans that student volunteers, meekly, pushed towards me. Admittedly, I tried to evade them by doing something silly and surreptitious. When I was blocked, all I could do was drop a paltry, almost pathetic amount. The most I could spare as a student and, later, a struggling employee was a coin of the smallest denomination. I made a silent promise I would do much more one day to help the unfortunate; I did not know exactly how, but I would give tithes of significance.

Two weekends ago, I was chatting with a sports photojournalist about which non-profit organizations needed the most help. She raised funds for the Tetraplegic Workgroup (under the Society of Physically Disabled); I was actively selecting the ones that needed the most assistance – be it monetary and non-monetary.

One of my favourite films on charity is Pay It Forward. A kid decides to reciprocate on a favour by paying it forward, instead of backward. Isn’t this a dazzling concept? Instead of returning a favour to your benefactor, you do a good deed for a person who needs it. I have, since then, been smitten by its powerful impact and implications.

I am thrilled that next week I will have a chat with a business associate about the probability of collaborating on a charitable deed. Having done a few small fund-raisers in the past, I would like to do more.

I love challenges; projects with a strong sense of purpose. I am glad that today I can unhesitatingly take out bills instead of a handful of chump change to drop into those paint-cans-with-a-wide-slot. Yet, I want to do much more and so do my like-minded friends and associates. My team has expertise in education, branding, fund-raising, and sports. We believe that we can help to create value for our friends and partners.

My team/tribe of like-minded associates will be happy to assist you in your quest to pay it forward. If you would like to join us on our quest to help – and help many others – write me and we can begin to build a legion of loyal followers of the Pay It Forward Movement. In strength and unity will we move ahead!

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