Saturday, March 31, 2012

It’s How You Interpret It

Sam Kelly received a unanimous decision from the four-person panel of judges at the first round of auditions. His rendition was stirring, poignant and genuine.

How we interpret information and content determines our meaning about it. The challenge about communication includes clarity, preciseness of language, tonality of intention, as well as emotional drive, yet we are slave to how we are interpreted. Being misinterpreted can lead to misunderstanding, conflict, doubt, and indifference. What goes on in the minds of others is hard to fathom and determine.

Authors write books to express their ideas and experiences in a different medium. Biographies and autobiographies give celebrities an opportunity to clear the air, banish doubts, and demystify the person. By bypassing the PR agency and spin-doctors, the legend becomes more human and approachable. It can even enhance their allure and attractiveness.

How do others interpret you? How often do others misunderstand you? How often do you others defend you? How expressive are you?

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