Thursday, March 29, 2012

Inspired By Talent

I was watching the auditions on the latest issue of Britain’s Got Talent, and watched Jonathan Antoine & Charlotte Jaconelli. They submitted themselves as a duo, and emerged victorious on their first round. Like a clichĂ©, the audience judged Jonathan like the proverbial book and its cover. Yet, like tenors Susan Boyle and Paul Potts before him, his operatic talent exploded with such vocal ferocity, that the audiences had to do a ‘double-take’ on their prejudices and pre-judgements.
Talent needs to be nurtured, honed and developed through time, or else it remains raw. Raw talent suggests possibilities, however it can attain its true potential with time and dedicated work. That distinguishes the good from the greats. Jim Collins wrote two books ‘From Good to Great’ and ‘From Good to Gone’, that exemplify companies that have endured or become extinct. Excellence and performance play major parts in the orchestration of talent into greatness.

I am looking forward to tracking their progress a team. They have demonstrated their sense of camaraderie, while demonstrating collaboration, loyalty, respect, diligence and reliability.  I sense valuable lessons coming our way from the teenagers with their strong voices, and even stronger characters. Talking about talent, Perth-based, multiple-Ironman finisher, John Cooke wrote a good review about Chrissy Wellington's biography.

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