Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mapping Out Your Plans

Have you ever gotten lost before? Have you travelled without much of a firm plan, other than purchase your air-tickets and a few nights’ accommodation? Have you struggled to find your way to your destination without incurring a large cab-fare due to your negligence to prepare your documents and maps?

Going ‘blind’ and leaving it to luck can be a useless decision? Even when travelling with a partner, you cannot rely on an uninformed person and leave them to decide on your mutual fate. You are still responsible for master-minding the original plan, and sticking to a semblance of that plan. You need to do homework – this being your ‘hard-yards’ – before making any definite plans to move.

Map out your plan, decide on possible courses of action, and initiate the first steps. Otherwise, you will remain lost and become dependent on the leaders around you. You may not be factored into their plans. Map out, and man up!

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