Thursday, March 8, 2012

Stock-Taking & Taking Stock

When I was a ‘temp’ (temporary help in recruitment jargon), I used to work in warehouses. At these large stockpiles, I was tasked to do inventory checks. It was a laborious task requiring patience, thoroughness and attention to details. I found it hard but necessary to get the job done, as it reflected on my abilities and reliability.

Years later, I learnt the notion of ‘taking stock’ which is to review my results and evaluate my situation after performing major tasks. Take stock of what you do after your performance, and you can assess the relevance and usefulness of your actions and inactions. After last weekend’s cancelled Ironman race, I took stock of my fitness from the half-Ironman that I participated. I took stock of my fitness, mental preparedness, and ability to withstand disappointments and upsets. My resilience was tested after I heard impending news of a possible cancelled race due to a ‘weather bomb’ that befell New Zealand on Saturday morning (the day of the 226K triathlon). I raced, appreciated my capabilities, appraised my performance, and made decisions for my future races.

Leadership Lessons: How often do you take stock of what you do? How flexible are you to alter your plans? How fast do you bounce back from disappointing news? What are your personal strategies for shifting back on-course when bombs fall around you?

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