Friday, March 16, 2012

Residual Fitness

It has been almost two weeks after the cancellation of Ironman New Zealand, and the half-Ironman replacement. Iconic race-announcer and emcee, Mike Riley called us in but did not call us ‘Ironman’. It was only appropriate, as the race did not meet our distance expectations.

As such, I decided to ride on the fitness I earned and developed over the last 16 weeks. I managed to squeeze in a last-minute entry at the Aviva Ironman Singapore 70.3, and collected my race-pack this afternoon after a midday ride. I am grateful for the heat and humidity I had trained in, that Sunday’s 113K-triathlon may reveal interesting results.

Will my post-race peak fitness carry itself through to my half-Ironman? Matthew Wong did very well despite the fact that he had to taper earlier and do minimal training two weeks before the race in Taupo. Between now and 15 July (IM Switzerland), I am contemplating several small races including a slot in the Ironman Cairns (formerly known as the Challenge Series). I know that 17 triathletes from Singapore will be racing, and I have to decide soon or forfeit a confirmed place in 2013’s edition of IMNZ, or a select number of races in Europe and USA from now till end-June.

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