Friday, March 23, 2012

Which Life Skills Will You Need To Stay Employable?

Is education important in life? Yes, however it is not critical. Relevant and useful skills are. Education does not, necessarily, translate into learning, and transfer of knowledge.

There is so much information out there, but how much of it is knowledge. Knowledge is power, so it has been said. How much knowledge do you possess? Of this, how much will be relevant to your value in the future?

Is experience important? Yes, only if it is related to your profession. Is working in a company about experience? Perhaps. Too many aging workers take length of service as experience, and they can be sadly mistaken. Unless they develop their skillfulness, resourcefulness, confidence and clarity of thought, they are merely practising loyalty to a job, or their company (or is this dead?).

We are not getting younger, and the young will push us to the back of the queue. Unless of course, you possess and apply skills that reflect your competencies, experiences, values and resourcefulness. Tweak your character. Respect others. Recognize them. Reassure others when appropriate. Build relationships instead of destroying them.

Which life skills do you possess? Which life skills will guarantee your existence? These will include: Interpersonal skills, written communication, influencing skills, presentation skills, conflict management, creative problem solving, decision-making skills, motivation, managing meetings, and leadership skills.

An openness to learning, staying broadminded, being involved and participative with others – these are useful attitudes to one’s profession and colleagues. What you know, who you know, and who knows you: these are properties worth developing in your human assets and capital. Be a lifelong learner. Actively apply what you have learnt. Be relevant. Be valuable. Be worthwhile. Make it worth your while to stay employed.

Arm yourself with skills, and capability. Forewarned is forearmed.

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