Saturday, March 3, 2012

Decisions, Choices and Consequences

Last night, we had a feast at Wilson's motel. The Singaporean team gathered with their contributions of food and drinks for a pot-luck dinner. We had fun feasting and frolicking. You can say we were 'work-a-frolics' having done the time to train for Ironman New Zealand, however with no race to fulfill.
Last night, the storm blew hard and it rained harder. Interestingly, I slept through the threatening conditions. It would have been dangerous to swim and ride. The cold is painfully aware of our existence. Such is life, when outdoor sporting races are subject to the fickle-mindedness and foibles of nature. You have no control over a potential storm of near-biblical proportions (I exaggerate, since I am an urban-folk) looming over a extended swim, ride and run course. The Ironman was cancelled for today. I found out 30 minutes after checking-in and racking my new ride. By the way, each bicycle was photographed with the minder holding it: a nice system of cataloguing who has which bike.
At 4.00pm today, we will find out if there will be a Ironman 70.3 in place for tomorrow. If it goes through, we will have to prepare for it - for those who choose to do it - as it is still 113K of three disciplines. I will decide after the briefing, as my mindset is still on racing, and may even do the Singapore 70.3, if special slots are still open. 
Otherwise, I will focus on IM Switzerland on 15 July, and sustain my fitness and push it to the next level. Coach 'Fox' has encouraged me to still race and aim for PBs in my half-Ironman format. I am curious to discover how my current fitness will see me through a better time. We will see...

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