Saturday, March 10, 2012

Lesson Learnt From A Weather Bomb (Part 2)

7)    As tempting as it was, I avoided drafting other than during the climbs. I saw too many drafting situations, however what is the point of cheating yourself of your potential?
8)    The headwinds at the Broadlands stretch are notorious; they sneak up on you in the return leg. You may post one hour on the first 45K, but suffer a 2-hour return. Going aero is the only way for both headwinds and tailwinds – just ‘tuck in, and suck in’ and let your legs move. Just another day of windy riding on a blue-sky day.
9)    I had a tragic swim, lethargic ride, but a strong run. I did not walk except for aid-stations; chased down my buddies, succeeded except for one (our Fearless Swim Leader, Matthew) because I ran out of real estate on the run. Felt like Rinny chasing down Chrissy last year in Kona. I enjoyed the tough, hilly, half-marathon, and was glad for a 1:50 time after all the biking brouhaha. I, successfully, earned an average of 5:13 minute/K pace - a pace that would have given me a sub-4 hour (3:50) marathon in a Ironman. The hilly, 2-loop, run route made it harder on the ascents although I did not adopt the 'walk uphill, run hard downhill' strategy at all.
10)    Friends say I share too much about my training regime on my blog, so I will cease and resist for a while until the next race (in July). Haven’t trained for five days since last Sunday’s race, so I may see you at the Aviva Singapore 70.3 race on 18 March.
Photo-credit: Brightroom, official photographers of Ironman NZ 2012

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