Sunday, March 25, 2012

Let It Lose, Let It Ride

This week, I gave myself permission and leeway to rest. Rest from triathlon training. Rest from work. Rest from socializing heavily. I decided to take a spontaneous, short vacation to Bangkok when I found out I had a cancelled class. Being optimistic even from lost income, I reframed my thinking and energies towards taking a proper break from two weeks of racing consecutive half-Ironman, over two continents, across two vastly opposing weather systems. I sleep fully and only afforded one hour of gym-work, and attaining full nourishment from my favourite Thai foods.

In tandem with the post-race evaluation, here is a well-written piece by Kevin Siah of Perth. He was both measuring and being measured for this fast race – all in the name of science and friendship.
Committee members of IBM 115, Singapore
Upon my return, I enjoyed dinner with Auckland’s professional magician and magic-inventor, Wayne ‘Chicane’ Rogers (and his wife, Elizabeth). He performed from his repertoire of stage illusions to the delight of my magic club committee (Ring 115 of the International Brotherhood of Magicians) as well as grateful restaurant staff.
A 'live' performance for patrons and restaurant staff.
This morning, having slept in another two hours I rode for two hours. I managed on mega-loop, with mini-loops complete with rolling terrain, and capped with the infamous ‘beast’, Hendon Hill. Surprisingly, my legs held together where it would normally be thrashed. Perhaps, it was residual fitness from 12 weeks of Ironman preparation, and a fortnight of racing two half-Ironman distances. Whatever it is attributed to, Ironman Switzerland 2012 beckons, and my 14-week cycle begins. I predict lots of strength and endurance work on the bike leg, so I will be muscling up my efforts with core-stability and weight-bearing exercises.
The Team from Singapore who completed.
Congratulations to my Coach, FOX for completing yet another Ironman triathlon – this time in the inaugural IM Melbourne. Crowie won in under-8 hours, with a close finish by Cameron Brown. Congratulations to our friends of Triathlon FamilyLap Huan, Conrad, and the Team – for completing the race in splendid times. Enjoy your post-race party and recovery. The fun begins...


Kevin Siah said...

Thanks for the mention, Enrico!

Alvin said...

stumbled upon your blog. did my 1st IM at Melbourne.

My name is Alvin btw, haha thank you for the mention, love your blog!