Sunday, April 1, 2012

Are the Hunter Or the Hunted?

Are you a hunter, or the hunted?

I do not mean these terms to be used in the ‘stalking’ sense. Before we were immersed as denizens of the Digital/Technology Age, we were evolving from the hunter-gatherer role. We hunted for wildebeest to attain our dietary needs. These hunting skill-sets became ingrained into our DNA, and hunting became a recreational or recruiting pursuit. Invariably, we become mired in adventures such as ‘house-hunting’, ‘bargain-hunting’ and ‘hunting down a good deal’.

As an avid reader and collector of magic literature, my library catalogues over-500 books, including manuscripts and booklets. I have hunted down rare and out-of-print books – some of these procured through private collections and online bids. One first edition book cost multiplied in value ten times; my most expensive book is valued at least US$2,000 on eBay. I am not in a rush to sell these nuggets, as I value them for the knowledge and the pleasure of owning them. My friend, entrepreneur and magician Francis Ng is probably the owner of the world’s largest collection of cups-and-balls (used in magic). His vast collection includes collectibles, limited-edition pieces and those owned by the greats in magic. He revealed that he has hunted many pieces of these finely crafted goblets on his travels.

Executives search professionals, or headhunters as they are traditional called, seek and convince potential employees to attend job interviews. Certainly, potential candidates who are sought after by searchers have often been researched. Valuable human resources are those who are values for their unique and exquisite sets of people and functional skills. In his pursuit of his dreams and aspirations, my friend Matthew has committed one year of his life seeking further education and higher learning

Leadership Lessons: What have you hunted for lately? How do you feel when you are involved in a hunt? As a collective, what were the experiences you earned whilst working on a team project? How do you position yourself to be spotted for your talent, abilities and competencies? How often are you hunted down for your capabilities and expertise?

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Matty Wong said...

Thanks for the mention. I hope i made the right decision cos i'm going to stand by it.

Going to miss the salty taste.