Monday, December 27, 2010

Writing Your Lust-For-Life List

Inspired by Phil Keoghan (enduring and energetic host of realty-TV series, The Amazing Race), and his book No Opportunity Wasted – N.O.W. I wrote my ‘To-Do’ list a few years ago. So far, so good – I have achieved a few personal dreams and challenges. Some refer this as the Bucket List; meaning the things you want to do before you ‘kick the bucket’ and leave this Earth.

Interestingly, I have achieved a few of my dreams through recent achievements. Some of these things include: teaching in 18 countries; qualifying and competing in the Half-Ironman World Championships; completing 10 Ironman races (not the least, one); completing an ultra-marathon; being in the national top-2 percent in the marathon; getting actively involved in the Olympic Games (inaugural Youth Olympic Games).

Write your ‘wish list’. What is your lust for life? How do you orientate your life to your dreams? Which experiences would you enjoy? Who would be part of this exciting journey?

Get a journal book. Write down what matters to you. There are two lists:
1)    What I like to do for myself.
2)    What I like to do for others.

Fill it with your dreams, aspirations and hopes. You have to suspend your judgements, like ‘I cannot afford it!’, ‘I have no time!’ and ‘It is impossible!’ You will have to plan and earn these experiences and achievements, and we have to start somewhere. We’ll come back to this list soon and work on fleshing out the skeleton. Go on – build your list!

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