Friday, December 24, 2010

Lessons Learnt Crossing The Finisher Chute

IMWA 2010 was one of my significant milestones in my personal sporting history. Despite timing-chip issues, I did finish legally and with videotaped evidence this race. My timing-chip stopped registering my running pace after the 20th mile, which led to many text messages about my racing status. THANK YOU my friends for checking on my health!

Although I did not secure the PBs I wanted, I earned the following lessons:

1)    This being my 10th Ironman finisher, it was no easier than my first of fifth. I look forward to my next two Ironman races in 2011 (number 11 and 12 sounds very good on the scorecard).
2)    I enjoyed and remembered most details of my run down the finishing chute. I was giving the lovely spectators high-fives and applauding them.
3)    I had a good, strong run equally my best in 2006 (same race).
4)    Immersing myself in the energy of first-time finishers of Ironman. There were more than 400 making their attempt at the 226K-format. Well done, Ironman finishers!
5)    The event is run mostly by volunteers, so thank them whenever we can. It is a shared experience for a very long day, and days of preparation.
6)    I hate to quit; DNF is not computed in my DNA. I’d rather do damage control than take my allotted time, or give up and give in.
7)    This is only a result; we have our good days and better days. This was my good day. I will apply my lessons to my next race, and hopefully, earn my next PB.
Photo-credit: FinisherPix (which reminds me to make my order from them)

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