Friday, December 24, 2010

Music or No Music While Running?

Runner’s World magazine, recently, did a piece on the pros and cons of running with music. They interviewed two runners who each gave either their support or not, for using music-providing devices while running. While I was running yesterday, I decided to list my preferences for running WITHOUT music.

1)    I am a creature of habit, so music does not factor high in my training equation unless it is running on a treadmill or riding a stationary-bike.
2)    Spartan training is absent of the niceties of modern day technology. It is just I, the sound of my footfalls, and the lovely scenery that keeps me company.
3)    The sound of my footsteps indicates to me if I am landing heavily, getting fatigued, or losing my form.
4)    The sound of footsteps is a metronome of sorts, and allows me to moderate my pace (as I mainly run alone).
5)    I am attuned to the sound of my breathing. If I breathe too hard, or am panting, I am exceeding my lactate threshold.
6)    Without music, I can focus on other things: other runners, the seaside scenery, background sounds, my heartrate, and my internal state.
7)    Competition events disallow the use of iPods and other digital music devices, so train according to racing conditions.

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