Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Recollections Redux Post-Ironman

Congratulations to my ENR/Triathlon Family buddies for completing the Singapore Marathon last Sunday! It was the same day as Ironman Western Australia. 42.195K is a long way to run or walk, I assure you and I was there in spirit as you nursed your battered bodies.

My observations of that day-of-three races (including Phuket half-IM):

1) Although I fell short of my personal expectations, I completed my 10th Ironman (hooray!).
2) I did not receive a finisher timing online, yet I actually crossed the line. Evidence aplenty (I have video, photos and real witnesses) of my 226K event.
3) I did finish this race; and it was not easy despite finishing nine earlier ones. Loved running through the chute - felt like a winner! Thank YOU, Volunteers and Spectators!
4) I enjoyed my day - truly and fully - despite disappointments with my body at some stages.
5) I raced against physical discomfort which was no excuse, but a motivator to complete what I started.
6) Staying focused and being in the moment are crucial to your personal success. Keep your mind on your plan, strategies, tactics and reasons.
7) I did have a strong run - no PB again - yet I can recount every step I took. Bizarre but true.
8) I was very happy to bask in my friends' achievements, because I could share in them. Thanks, buddies!
9) I was thankful for early well wishes and post-race concerned calls. I am truly alright because I am thankful of my friends. I am one lucky person!
10) Cliched as it may sound: The pain is temporary, but the memories are forever!

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