Thursday, October 28, 2010

Shorter and Sharper Sessions

Five weeks out to IMWA. My preparation menu includes shorter but frequent sessions; 2-hour sessions of intense riding, or one hour hard running followed by an hour of swim drills. Splitting a six-hour bike ride into two sessions of three hours, is still achieving the results. An hour of running can be made more exciting and rigorous with a mixture of surfaces such as trail, track and grass. Throw in a couple of slopes and you have as stunningly, challenging workout. Intensity shifts the body into overload, and over-drive. Train as if you will race makes sense.

Next week, I will deliver a mini-workshop on innovative practices with my associates. I will make a 40-minute presentation while my colleague will do his part in 25 minutes. I suggested the format of 10/20/30 as proposed by Guy Kawasaki (in ‘The Art of the Start’) to my colleague. The ability to condense our thoughts into a specific timeframe ensures that we crystallize the thinking into a pinpoint focus. Say less and mean more. When we cleverly integrate PowerPoint slides into a verbal presentation, it enhances its effectiveness. A picture is worth a thousand words! Infuse the passive listening with active questioning and interactive activities, and you change the impact of your delivery.

KISS it.

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