Friday, October 29, 2010

Patience Pays Off Eventually

It has been said that Patience is a virtue. Wait long enough, do enough, and you may enjoy the results of your persistent work. Consider those documentary filmmakers on the National Geographic channel – they are the epitome of patience. The best photojournalist wait weeks or months just to get another shot of the same subject or scenery. The colleagues of the irritating and testing medical genius in the Emmy-winning television series, House, M.D. exhibit extreme patience with his neurotic, medication-infused behaviors.

My friend, Hui Koon did a PB in his swim tonight. He shaved off a significant amount of time in the swimming pool, after months of dedicated swim sessions and master-classes. I am sure that he will do much better than his recently, admirable 1:10 in his wetsuit. With the certain, inherent buoyancy afforded by the neoprene, second skin this means that swimmers can swim more effectively from the trade-off.

I, too, have experienced the outcomes of my patience. After my unfortunate and untimely bike accident, I had to heal completely before Ironman New Zealand (IMNZ). I recovered recently from a series of over-distance related running injuries. I can now run unshod (almost-barefoot) for more than 10K consistently. My core stability has improved after weeks on the wobble-board and lying in the challenging Plank position. I completed the grueling hot and humid 84K night ultra-marathon after weeks of senseless, high-mileage plodding after my dismal IMNZ.

Starting a business requires patience before you experience results. Patience is a subset value of Endurance. It is also related to Loyalty. Loyal friends are patient in their relationships. Activate your patience on a daily basis. Continue improving so that you rise above your standards. Continue exploring so you remain contemporary.

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