Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Stories to Warm Your Cockles or Seriously Spur You On

Over the past year, since the inception of this blog, I had the privilege to interview about a dozen luminaries in the corporate world. They also happen to have made great achievements and excellence in their respective fields of endeavour. For those preparing for the Singapore Marathon, Army Half Marathon and Ironman Western Australia, perhaps reading these stories will give you added mental arsenal that you can train harder, and accomplish more. All the best!

Dr Ben Tan: From World-Class Sailor to Top-Marathoner

Alan Geraldi: San Francisco Triathlon Guy & Ultra-Marathoner

Steven Novick: Cancer Survivor and Mt Everest Climber

International Award-Winner, Jeremy Pei: For excellence in the performing arts, here is my recent interview with one of Singapore’s top professional illusionists.

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