Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Leaving On a Huge Jet Plane

This evening, we will fly off for Berlin. It will be our maiden A380 flight to London, so we are looking forward to the interior of the gigantic plane. I suspect I will take a snooze after the first feature film.

The projected weather for Sunday will be about a high of 16 degrees Celcius with light rain. I have packed for a rainy day, with a light raincoat, and warmer clothing. Let’s see if I will do a burlesque run, and chuck clothing aside during the run. I could be shuffling loudly across the finish line with a beanie, gloves, and raincoat.

I wonder how I will respond to the colder conditions. A few trial runs before the race should provide good indicators of what I need to modify for my race strategy: attire, protection from the rain/wind, nutrition, and shoes. There is always a danger of not drinking enough when the weather is cool. The cold would, probably, decrease my heart rate and I might have an advantage in holding a faster pace. I intend to hold an average of 4:45 minute per kilometre, with a negative split on my second 21K leg. Fingers crossed, with happy thoughts.

Last night’s ride with the Eastern Night Riders (ENR) was useful. I was suffering lack of muscle tone, as it was about 24 hours after my deep-tissue massage. I could tell, as my muscles could not exert maximum power during the sprints, nor hold it long enough. However, the occasional bursts of speed during the two-loop, 30K ride activated my muscles so that they stayed alert. I alternated between aero-position and on the drops, as I did not want to strain my lower back. My comfortable ride affirms my effective bike fit a few months ago. Looking forward to my new carbon tri-bike next month.

Off to my chiropractor for a spinal adjustment now!