Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lessons Learnt from the Berlin Marathon 2010

What did I learn from Sunday's run?

1) You can never be too prepared.
2) Keep yourself dry (even if it means running with a raincoat).
3) Stick to your nutritional plan (drink and eat as per warmer races).
4) Be a man and suck in it (take the punches of the race).
5) Stay injury-free, or ensure that you are race-ready.
6) Bare-foot running is useful; you can race 'barefoot' if you dare.
7) Run with heart-rate specific pace (my darn monitor did not work).
8) Pick your 'pacers'. Run within your pace.
9) Embrace the experience: not all races are meant to be PBs.
10) Remind yourself of the good things that have happened so far.
Thank you, friends for your generous suggestions, sharing, and encouragement over the last few weeks! I will return!

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