Friday, February 24, 2012

Splitting The Difference

Today, I did a double session: a strength ride session, and a swim session. Both emphasised strength even though I am on my final tapering days towards the next 226K-triathlon challenge. I had to postpone my session on Wednesday due to work, and Tuesday was a rest day after last weekend’s inception of tapering. Last Saturday, I completed three hours with seven (K) loops of Selarang (a popular route with cyclists). This evening’s swim with two Ironman 70.3 finishers and one Kona age-group world champion was a motivating one. I will receive personal instruction for my swim when I prepare for Ironman Switzerland on 15 July.

Some of my team-mates for Ironman New Zealand have been keeping active, too, although with a less structured routine. The simple approach is to reduce mileage (distance) and maintain intensity (if not increase it slightly). Coach has me doing short intervals as my main sets, using half-Ironman pace. The purpose is to challenge the body to accustom itself to varying bouts of intensities during race conditions. Also, I need to fully rest and recover before the big dance at Lake Taupo.

Updates on IMNZ preparation: I had my custom-made Elite Custom Razor bike built up. It does not look spiffy (yet), and looks like a prop from the Rock Horror Show. Yet, it retains most of the parts of the last bike, save for the damaged frame and aero-bars. You could say that it looks constructed from washing-machine parts (with a respectful nod to the ‘Flying Scotsman’). I hope that tomorrow’s two-hour ride will have me settle quickly into the seemingly, aggressive aero-position. I was riding roadie-style on my back-up Orbea Vitesse since my bike crashed, and road mostly upright on the bullhorns.

I will follow up with a brief report on the Duathlon race happening tomorrow on the East Coast. I am giving it a miss, although I would love to race. A dropped bottle-cage cost me a podium finish, and I was left with a sixth position in my highly competitive age-group last year. Stay focused on IMNZ, I will.

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