Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Bike Frame In Time

My new frame arrived today!

Thanks to my crash warranty from Elite Custom Singapore (and master-bike fitter, David Greenfield), I had my order of my customized Elite Razor triathlon frame expedited – in time for Ironman New Zealand. It is unpainted, as I will have to race on it on 3 March, then retro-paint it. This will give me time to ponder on my colour choice and design.
Old versus new bike-frame: painted versus untainted surface. 
A careless moment while riding caused me to crash into the back of a stationary truck. Although I escaped relatively uninjured, my bike suffered severe physical impact. I am nursing a suspected hairline fracture on one or two ribs, and my chest has eased in its pain.

On Friday, I will get refitted on my new bike (save for salvaged parts like my Edge carbon wheels, crank-set, Profile aero-bars, and cockpit). I am thankful and hopeful about my performance on this new iron horse. I feel more reassured instead of anxious without my trusty tri-bike and reliable measurements. A trial ride on Saturday, and then I will pack my bike for Monday’s trip to Middle Earth.

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