Sunday, February 19, 2012

Procrastinating Procrastination

This morning, the sky looked sad and gloomy. It has rained overnight. My riding partner text me early to decide on our plan to ride at 7.00am. I suggested that he go back to sleep since it was drizzling in the east. The fact that it was the last day of the Singapore Air Show meant traffic congestion, and bad news for cyclists.

I sat it out, monitoring the weather. It was so easy to find an excuse to skip a three-hour ride. Instead, I decided to brave the weather and last as long as I could before I had to cease all activity. One hour after riding a risky, traffic-enhanced road, I decided to climb the 4K-loop of Selarang Hill. There is an initial, gradual 1K climb and ends with a steeper but shorter climb, punctuated with a few rolls. Not that demanding however good stimulation of the fast-twitch muscles. A small dose of the hurt locker would be a useful prescription for an Ironman taper. I completed seven consecutive loops before heading back. I also took on the ‘beast’ – Hendon Hill that is a short but steep climb just to extend my legs a tad more. I was pleasantly rewarded with the strength in my legs, earned through once-a-week, double, strength-ride sessions.

I was pleased to bump into Germany-based triathlon friends, Grace and Hans; we had a brief chat before I bade them adieu. I also bumped into 'Otterman' Siva (and introduced to his wife), my ex-junior college friend and now biologist/zoologist lecturer/researcher at the National University Of Singapore. I considered it a productive morning, achieving my easy ride with pockets of Ironman-paced efforts.

Instead of holding back, hold up. Crash through the wall of indecisiveness! For once, just suspend your procrastination and begin the task. Warm up, and then extend the work for as long as you can. You will be better off for doing so.

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