Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Playing Catch-Up

I have missed a few triathlon-training sessions over the last two months. These were due to injury, clash of work schedule, and fatigue. Coach ‘Fox’ reminds me, now and again, that a missed workout is irretrievable, and to let it go. There is always the next session to look ahead to. Some of my friends in endurance sports believe that a missed workout promises a day of rest, for recovery, and preventing boredom and fatigue. There is a greater likelihood of meeting with an injury from meeting over-arching goals.

The same goes for my daily blog postings. On most days, I would be able to submit a new post. It may take me a day to think through a salient point, or some gleaned insight I experienced yet I will post it up. Last weekend’s travel and lack of Internet access held me back from committing to my long-term plan of ‘one daily post, everyday, for three years’. So I miss a day or two (longer if the host country blocks access to social media platforms), so what? I can still reinstate myself with subsequent, multiple postings.

In school, playing catch-up may not be useful as you end up cramming information with little comprehension, let alone understanding the material. You may suffer a cramped mind during the examination. It is consistent practice and rehearsal (training) that leads to the possibility of better grades.

Leadership Lessons: How often do you have to play catch-up? When do you know when to let it slide? What do you do when you miss an appointment, meeting or coaching session?

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