Saturday, February 18, 2012

Raising Funds & Raising Hope

My friend, Vijay wrote a comment on Facebook to me:
In lieu of your worthy cause:
"Your now a Purpose Driven Knife."
Excel You shall, Go forth you Will.

This poem is an encouraging reminder of my tasks at hand on 3 March. Already, we have raised a total amount of NZ$3,158 for our charity through Ironman Team-Varella, Cystic Fibrosis for Kids (CF4Kids). We are actually number 5 on the top-fundraisers list. I am very grateful to my partners-in-charity who will help fulfill expectations and, perhaps, dreams. Also, I am on-track and hopeful to complete my 16-week preparation for Ironman New Zealand. It is my final two weeks of tapering: less mileage, sustained intensity and stimulation, and more recovery.
It warms my cockles to know that so many friends are behind my charity of choice, as well as supporting me. After last night’s 17K run in 90 minutes (meeting my goal pace: 11kph, cadence 90-92, RPE: 6-7.5), and this morning’s lagoon swim (3.2K) with 29 other swimmers, I feel confident of my recovery and race targets. With this morning’s wetsuit swim, I managed to stroke my way near the leading pack and enjoying my invested motions. Those twice-weekly pool-buoy sessions (using arms only) are translating into more efficient movements; this means I am wasting less effort, yet still putting myself into the grind, and finding my groove.

I am looking forward to tomorrow’s 3-hour ride and 30-minute run. Then, I will head off for a 3-day working trip before I pack for the Big Dance in Taupo, Auckland.
These valued words of encouragement and support empowers me, and directs me to my goals with purpose.

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