Monday, February 6, 2012

It’s Easier To Work With Professionals

What is the difference between a world-class photographer and an amateur photographer? Answer: Both know how to take good photographs, but the professional knows when.

I have often heard colleagues and clients mutter: ‘I rather work with professionals!’ What do they mean?

Professionals are people in occupations (professions) who profess to do something, or one thing very well. They may not be the ‘jack of all trades’ yet they may be a master of one skill or expertise. With a strong experiential background, they take pride in having ‘been there, done that, and goofed up’. They tend to have experienced similar situations, processes, and problems that accompany them – that is the value they offer to each business relationship.

Professionals cost more, and you are investing in their time, expertise and value. Would you short-change a valuable staff? I hope not, for they are worth more than their salaries. You may pay peanuts, however if they suffer from a peanut allergy than nothing else matters than their well-being. You have heard the saying ‘Penny-wise, and pound-foolish’? Being cheap has it consequences in business as well as in recreation. Hire a professional emcee, and reduce the risk of inappropriate behaviors and unprofessionalism.
Those dressed in red: Officials and volunteers.
Stick to your purpose and passion: mark of a professional.
Even if the professionals are volunteers on your committee, they should be treated as professionals. Each of these generous ones brings more than charity to the table. They extend a helping hand that is filled with resourcefulness, resilience, and relevance. Ask, and seek help. By engaging them, you engage their skills, experience and expertise.
Race briefing by seasoned endurance athletes.
Yesterday morning, Triathlon Family organised its annual triathlon sprint. With the integrated and concerted efforts of its volunteers and committee, the show went on safely, with purpose and poise. We had professional life-guards, event-organisers, seasoned race competitors, medical specialists, safety-crew, and more. The organizers and volunteers deserved their kudos. Certainly, consultants were behind the design and delivery of the event that saw 130 paying participants (who competed and completed, and made the event successful). Once paid, you will have to deliver.
All TriFam committee members were there including President, Vice-President and advisors.
Spare a thought instead of thinking of spare change.

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