Monday, February 27, 2012

Empowered & Powered Up To Perform

How many of you actually practise empowerment with your staff? How do you know that your staff feels empowered due to your leadership?

We can empower ourselves with knowledge, skills, experience, exposure, attitude and relationships. Learning from our mistakes can also enhance our ability to feel empowered by the authority bestowed upon us. To empower staff, delegate to the best person for the task, so they may succeed even with stretch goals. Also, be mindful to relinquish part of your authority to your staff (so they may act independently in your relative absence), yet still hold on to the responsibility (when things go on a tangent).
Thank you, sponsors for supporting our charity of choice. We have managed to earn a total of Z$3,258.00 for CF4Kids. I like to thank the following people personally for making this goal of mine happen: Integrative Learning Corporation (Singapore), Lim Fung, Kum Choy Yin, David Chambers, Dennis Yeo, Dennis Quek, Winston Koh, Desmond Chow, Vijay, Sanae; Sivasothi, Susan Ng, Phoon,Sur, Hana & Lina; and Caroline Shum.
My express-ordered, Elite-expedited, unpainted ride for IMNZ 2012 looks like this; I joked that she is made from washing-machine parts (a nod to the Flying Scotsman). My Elite Custom Razor looks raw (I adore the look of the old steel, classic bikes), like Frankenstein’s monster with diversity through grafted parts. I will retro-paint her after the race, where I will decide which colour scheme best describes her. I have retained my original carbon forks, which have my name on them and are painted in the original maroon. At least, a few of my friends have, finally, seen what a custom-crafted bike looks like from the 'inside'. Knowledge empowers us by helping feel confident from the inside. I am ready to powerfully race on Saturday, so my racing attitude and mindset are designed for my 226K worth of triathlon adventure.

Leadership Lessons: Learn to delegate and empower differently. Ask for feedback on your ability to empower. If you are not empowering, stop saying that you are. Stop using buzzwords until they go out of fashion.

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