Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Another Heavy Week Completed

Last week, I completed almost 15 hours of training for Ironman: a rare and unprecedented achievement. In the past, I found it hard to complete most of Fox’s recommended program. I was glad to get back to swimming, opting to do multiple sets with the pool-buoy. I avoided swim-paddles as I got injured years ago from the strenuous impact afforded by my right shoulder joint.

My left chest is still sore when I breathe deeply, however the discomfort s subsiding. I still suspect either a strain or a hairline fracture, yet this has not impeded my progress in training two weeks after my unfortunate bike crash into a stationary vehicle. Matt wrote on how, yesterday, when he rode solo in the heat how easily one could easily zone out. He was in charge of the transition area at our annual TriFam Sprint, that saw 130 participants complete all three disciplines.

I have been enjoying my swim sessions at the Geylang East pool, where I have been swimming with my tri-buddies Marco and Kenneth – we were on the 2009 team to Clearwater, Florida for the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. I have been learning much about swimming techniques and training from the two, with them coaxing me to complete my sets diligently. I get by with a little help from my friends.

Last week will be the second-last week of going long, with two specific key workouts. On Saturday, I rode for 6 hours (on my road-bike) then ran off the bike for 45 minutes. On Sunday, I ran for two hours at Ironman pace (and faster) after I completed marshaling riders for the sprint event. The last two weekends were designed specifically to simulate fatigued legs after the ride. When all goes well, I should be able to hold my pace for a sub-4 hour marathon after a moderated pace for the ride. Currently, I believe I can hold a 3:55-3:50 marathon – a personal PB dream of mine. I am responding well to my race nutrition plan with Hammer Nutrition’s Perpeteum; I am carrying less weight, and rely on less gel packets on the ride, plus no GI issues. If the ‘add 20-30 minutes to your standalone marathon time’ is an accurate guide, then I should be able to hit my expected run time in the Ironman. It will be all about how well I respond to my swim and ride.

This week will be somewhat disruptive with travel. I will have to modify my preparation through different locations (like the gym), timing (split the workouts) and enjoying more sleep.

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