Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Branding & Your Personal Positioning

I just returned from an overseas trip. I conducted two sessions of branding workshops, focused on demonstrating brand values and delivering on the brand promise.

What is your brand promise? That is your mission statement to yourself, your customers and business partners. By boldly stating my cause, I have positioned my interests and intentions to others.

My brand promise to my sponsors and donors of my charity, Cystic Fibrosis for Kids (of New Zealand) is threefold:
1)    Commit to training for Ironman New Zealand
2)    Complete the 226K-triathlon race on 3 March
3)    Meet the family with cystic fibrosis kids, and the association that supports physical interventions for these kids.
IMNZ 2010: With 11:30 Ironman finisher, David Chambers at the CF4Kids fund-raisers celebratory-tent.
It has been a challenging journey so far. I have had my fair share of accidents, fatigue and tough days. However, I have benefitted from my commitment to a purposeful cause, and emerged stronger. I am more disciplined, determined and directed. Many lessons on leadership can be gleaned from sticking to a strategic plan. By thinking and acting long-term, I have learnt how to be more decisive, diligent and discerning. I am optimistic I can direct these lessons to larger goals and creating value for the strategic partnerships and alliances I will build.

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