Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Doing Loops

Yesterday, the Triathlon Family Singapore committee and volunteers met to discuss our roles in the coming Triathlon Sprint. This is an annual event that attracts new and seasoned triathletes. All participants will complete on loop of the swim, ride and run.

Some of the best roller-coaster rides include loops, and these are heart-stopping, adrenaline-infused, portions of the short but intense ride. The G-forces offered by these cleverly design rides increase at certain rises in the crest of the tracks. The sharp turns can also shake you into submission, and surrender to the moment and momentum. The screams are testimony of how fearfully thrilling it can be.

In conversations, some are fond (and skillful) of running in circles. They give others the runaround, evading and deflecting the questions. It appears to be a skill of politicians and celebrities. It is certainly the opposite of stating ‘No comment!’ It would be better to attend to most of the questions instead of avoiding them. This annoys journalists, colleagues and customers. Get to the point quickly!

Leadership Lessons: How straightforward are you when answering questions? How open, transparent and honest are you when cornered for answers? How fast do you connect the dots between request and delivery?
Last night I completed a 10K run at 4:59 minutes/K, as I had the meeting to attend. Tonight is my swim drill night with about 3K of pool buoy strokes. Despite a sore left pectoral (probably, a strain from my bike crash about 10 days ago), I hope to be able to swim comfortably and complete the last two intense and longest training weeks before my taper to Taupo. I hope to bypass sub-optimal conditions and be in my best shape of my Ironman life. A heavy working week poses significant challenges to preparing for a race, however it is focus that brings it all back to relevance and reality. Live within each moment ad do what you can do. Train safe.

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